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Malaga at night

Night-time plans in Malaga you shouldn’t miss

Do you want to visit monuments in Malaga at night or enjoy the city’s best terraces? Get to know the best options to enjoy Malaga’s nightlife scene.
Malaga’s nightlife scene offers lots of choices to cater for all tastes, ranging from moonlight strolls along Muelle Uno, visits to the city’s most beautiful gardens and dinner by the sea. Malaga is a city which is especially attractive at night. Its wonderful climate throughout the year invites one to enjoy the city outdoors even more.
If you fancy enjoying Malaga’s nightlife in all its essence, we recommend you keep on reading the options we set out for you below:

The best night-time plans in Malaga

Visit the Gibralfaro Viewing Point in Malaga at night

You can enjoy exceptional night-time views from the Gibralfaro Viewing Point, which is right in the very heart of the city. Malaga’s most emblematic monuments, which are lit up at night, can be seen from this place. These monuments include: the bullring, the Alcazaba of Malaga, Muelle Uno and the cathedral.
The Gibralfaro viewing point is divided into two small balconies at different heights. The first is located in the lowest part of Mount Gibralfaro and offers the best views of Malaga at night, including the Cathedral, the Port of Malaga and the Ferris wheel. The second viewing point is situated a few metres above on Mount Gibralfaro and offers views of the bullring and the eastern side of Malaga.


How to get to the Gibralfaro Viewing Point

The Gibralfaro Viewing Point can be reached in several ways, the easiest of which is by car, parking it at Gibralfaro Castle and walking several metres to the viewing point. Camino Gibralfaro leads up to it and is easily accessible. It is also possible to go to the Gibralfaro Viewing Point by walking along several footpaths and crossing the Puerta Oscura Gardens, which lead up to Coracha and then walking along Paseo de Don Juan Temboury.

Regardless of the way you choose to get there, we recommend you go at sunset, since you’ll be able to enjoy some stunning views of Malaga at night, which is exceptionally lit up, so much so that you’ll never forget it.



Dine at Malaga’s Baños del Carmen at night

Baños del Carmen is one of the city’s most special areas. They were inaugurated in July 1918 and were one of the era’s most innovative projects. After more than a hundred years, the baths have not lost their essence. They are now a unique restaurant in the city, which is full of history and has the best outdoor terrace in Malaga.
Enjoy Malaga at night by dining at the Baños del Carmen, tasting the best Malaga cuisine and gazing at the best views of the entire Costa del Sol. Its menu offers a wide variety of typical Malaga dishes you should savour.



Night-time visit to the Concepción Botanical Garden

The Finca de la Concepción is one of Spain’s most beautiful tropical and subtropical garden and we’re very lucky to have it in Malaga. It was created in 1850 by Amalia Heredia Livermore and Jorge Loring Oyarzábal, the Marquises of Casa Loring, and subsequently purchased by the Malaga Local Authority in 1990.
The Concepción Botanical Garden measures 23 hectares and is full of subtropical plants from all over the world and contains over 25,000 different species. The garden can be enjoyed at any time of the year, both in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Dramatized night-time tours are also offered several times a year, especially in the summer, which explain the garden’s history in a very peculiar way.



We hope you have enjoyed the options we have suggested to visit Malaga at night. If you need more information, don’t forget that you have the Niza Cars Malaga Guide at your disposal.