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What to do in Malaga

As we have mentioned many times before, Malaga is a great city to live in or visit. That’s why we at Niza Cars wish to advise you about what to do in Malaga, so you don’t miss out on any of the best options to make sure you enjoy it.

What to do in Malaga if you’re passing through the city

f you’re spending a few days in Malaga and are unsure about what to do, here’s list of things to do in Malaga which will give you some ideas to enjoy it as much as possible:

1. Have a sardine skewer at one of Malaga’s beachside restaurants.

If we had to choose Malaga’s most typical dish, it would surely have to be a sardine skewer. Which is to say, if you’re strolling along a Malaga beach one day and see a wooden boat beside a beachside restaurant, stop to have some of these tasty sardines skewered on a wooden stake.

Source: Pixabay

If you want to get to know the wide variety of typical Malaga dishes based on its Mediterranean diet, don’t forget that there’s an article on Malaga’s cuisine in our guide. You’ll therefore be able to add Malaga’s main typical dishes to your list of things to do in Malaga.


2. Purchase typical Malaga products or have a tapa at the Mercado de Atarazanas

, an Arab-style building with beautiful stained-glass windows located near the central Calle Larios, where you’ll be able to find all sorts of regional products, especially fresh fish. It also has tables outside, so you can enjoy some recently made typical Malaga-style tapas at a market stand.


3. Organise a barbecue at Peñón del Cuervo

, a rock formation located only six kilometres from Malaga equipped with tables, benches and barbecues you can book at the Malaga Local Authority’s website. It’s a great place beside the sea to enjoy a day out with family and friends at any time of the year, though it’s advisable to do it in the summer or autumn, when the temperatures aren’t so extreme.


4. Take a stroll through the best sites in the centre of Malaga.

For instance, walk under the pine trees leading up to Gibralfaro Castle and the Alcazaba. Both these monuments are linked, since they were once both a palace and the city’s defensive elements.

If you prefer strolling around a more modern, cosmopolitan part of Malaga, a great option is going to Palmeral de las Sorpresas and Muelle Uno, both of which were inaugurated in 2011. There are shops, costume jewellery stands, bars, restaurants and above all some stunning views of the sea to spend a relaxing day.

Source: Pixabay

The Soho district near the city centre aims to be an alternative neighbourhood, like Malasaña in Madrid or Gracia in Barcelona. Though it’s just taking off at present, you can see artworks created by young Malaga artists, along with an increasing number of interesting places like ecological shops and modern bars. It’s an excellent place to visit at night because of its outstanding ambience.
It’s also almost mandatory to take a stroll along Malaga’s main streets and squares. A good route is to go from Calle Larios — where you’ll find the city’s most important shops — to Calle Granados, going through Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza del Carbón. Then head towards Malaga Cathedral and its surrounding streets until you reach Plaza de la Merced, where the childhood home of Pablo Picasso, Malaga’s most famous painter, and the Torrijos monument in the middle of the square are to be found.


5. Go hiking in the Malaga Mountains and have a mountain dish

when you finish. An ideal mountainous area to do some hiking without going too far from the city is located near the centre of Malaga. When you finish your hike, there’s nothing more typical than having a hearty mountain dish of eggs, potatoes, chorizo, pork loin and peppers at any of the inns you’ll find in the Malaga Mountains.


6. Visit the Concepción Botanical Garden

if you want to enjoy a peaceful, quiet day relaxing in the midst of natural surroundings. It is only 15 minutes from the city centre. You’ll also see many different kinds of animals and plants in its extensive grounds and can enjoy exhibitions, guided tours and even have a bite to eat outdoors at the bar situated next to the entrance.

Source: Pixabay


7. Enjoy the sunset at Baños del Carmen.

This was formerly a spa resort in Malaga which catered to the upper classes’ enjoyment in the 1920s. It is now a restaurant bar built over the sea with stunning views and an ideal place to enjoy a romantic sunset. To top it all off, you can enjoy live music concerts at the weekends.


8. Ride a bike

and take advantage of the province’s mild climate at any time of the year. Malaga is a fairly flat city and its seaside promenade has a bike lane that allows you to enjoy a pleasant bike ride by the sea.


9. Have a drink at Bodegas El Pimpi, one of Malaga’s most emblematic bars.

It used to be a place where students got together to have a drink and eat cheaply. It is now a top-quality restaurant well worth visiting with views of the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba, especially if you’re having tapas in Malaga.

Having a seafood meal at the mythical Pimpi Florida located in the El Palo neighbourhood is also highly recommended.


10. Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, getting to know a Malaga local

to have a light-hearted chat would be great fun, since they’re particularly good at telling jokes. We invite you have a look at our article about Malaga’s characters.

What to do in Malaga in a day

If you’re planning to do something in Malaga in a day because you’re just passing through, you’ll have to do so carefully based on your own tastes and preferences because there’s so much to choose from. That’s why we’re giving you a list containing different tourist attractions below, so you can get a good idea about everything you can do and choose on the basis of your own tastes and/or preferences. If you also want more information on each option, we’ve placed a link to another site where more details on them can be found.


Visit a museum

Although each museum has its own theme, the most popular ones are the Picasso Museum, the Russian Museum, the Centre Pompidou and the Automobile Museum. Visiting the Thyssen Museum and its main shops is also quite interesting.

Source: Pixabay

If you’re interested in knowing more about Malaga’s museums, we at Niza Cars have set out a route for you through the most important museums in Malaga.

See some of the monuments the city has to offer

Stroll around Gibralfaro Castle and the Alcazaba, enjoy a performance at the Roman Theatre, visit Malaga Cathedral or drop by Picasso’s Childhood Home.

Source: Pixabay

We at Niza Cars want to inform you about the monuments in Malaga you shouldn’t miss.


Have tapas in Malaga

Having tapas is one of the main attractions Malaga has to offer. El Pimpi, the inns in the Malaga Mountains, the Café Central and the Mercado de Atarazanas are just some of the most traditional places where you can enjoy typical Malaga food. The city of Malaga also has many modern restaurants where you can savour all kinds of culinary experiences.
You can find some places where you can have tapas in Malaga here.


Visit a nearby town or pass through it

Malaga is an ideal province for rural or beachside tourism. It has beautiful coastal and mountain towns where you can breathe in fresh air and enjoy nature in all its splendour. Each town has its own peculiarities and customs. Malaga’s towns have their own special charm. We at Niza Cars wish to provide you with information on some Malaga towns to visit.

If you need a car to move around the city comfortably and at will to turn your visit into an unforgettable experience, don’t forget that we at Niza Cars are car hire specialists in Malaga.

We hope you can enjoy all our recommendations on what to do in Malaga.