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Malaga’s characters

Many are the national and international celebrities who have encouraged travellers to visit Malaga. Artists, actors, painters, musicians and a long etcetera have been and continue to be born in this land. In this Malaga Guide, written by Niza cars, we have chosen those we consider to be some of the most important of Malaga’s characters, and here we introduce them.

Malaga’s artists

Malaga’s artists are both many and varied. At the brush, Pablo Ruiz Picasso was one of those who placed most importance on the city of his birth while he was internationally renowned. Emilio Prados and Manuel Altolaguirre stand out for their use of the pen. The essayist María Zambrano and the sculptor Miguel Berrocal were also important figures. And in the world of design, we must not forget to name the fashion designer David Delfín

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Malaga’s chefs

The Mediterranean diet underpins most of the typical dishes of Malaga, a city with many renowned Malaga chefs. Dani García and Jose Carlos García stand out currently, and they have received various Michelin stars in recent years.


Malaga’s musicians

The musical panorama has always been full of renowned Malaga musicians. Antonio Molina and Miguel de Molina stand out as precursors of the copla and one of Spain's best known families of actors and singers. Beyond of copla and flamenco music, there are other Malaga singers who are very well known in the world of music today, such as Pablo Alborán, Chambao, Vanesa Martín and Diana Navarro.

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Malaga’s comedians

Something that characterizes the province of Malaga and, above all, its people, is the joy that is breathed in the city and the people of Malaga's great sense of humour. That is why nationally and internationally recognized comedians have their roots in the city. Chiquito de la Calzada, the Dúo Sacapuntas and Dani Rovira are the most well-known.


Malaga’s actors

If there is anyone who has walked Malaga down every international red carpet, it has to be the great Antonio Banderas. But many other stars were born in the province. The lovely city of Malaga has also given the world all kinds of Malaga actors, from Antonio de la Torre, Rafaela Aparicio and Pepa Flores to the most current actors such as María Barranco, Fran Perea and Pepón Nieto.

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Malaga’s athletes

Top sports, such as basketball and soccer, have also had representatives from Malaga. Berni Rodríguez and Carlos Cabezas have been Basketball World Champions, and footballers such as Juanito and Fernando Hierro are also athletes born in Malaga.


Malaga’s politicians

Blas Infante, the man known as the father of the Andalusian homeland and President of the Council of Ministers during part of the 19th century, Antonio Cánovas del Castillo and the Republican politician Victoria Kent are some of Malaga’s politicians that have stood out most in the history of the city of Malaga.