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Shopping centres in Malaga

The number of shopping centres in Malaga has multiplied exponentially in the last twenty years, with the opening of leisure centres as important in Malaga as Plaza Mayor, Vialia or the Parque Comercial Bahía Azul. Each of them has something that differentiates it from the rest and that is why today we bring you a compilation of all the shopping centres in Malaga, listing the most notable aspects you can find in each.

Large shopping centres in Malaga city

Centro Comercial Vialia - María Zambrano Station

This is, without doubt, the best known and most visited today, both by the people of Malaga and visitors. It has all the most important clothing stores like Zara, and restaurants such as Foster's Hollywood, Vips or Ginos.

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One unique thing about this shopping centre in Malaga is that the Maria Zambrano train station is located in it, and this is where the majority of the Ave and other Malaga trains depart from. In addition, you will find MediaMarkt and H&M stores here, which are shops that are not so common in the rest of Malaga’s shopping centres


Centro Comercial Larios

This is one of the oldest shopping areas in the city and spent a few years of decline following the opening of the above-mentioned one, since it had newer facilities and a wider choice of restaurants. However, it became fashionable again after the opening in 2011 of the first Primark headquarters in Malaga, which generated a great expectation. Since then, the Centro Comercial Larios has become one of the most-visited places and at practically every time of day you'll see people everywhere.

Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor

This was the first Shopping Centre in Malaga completely devoted to leisure activities. It was inaugurated in 2002 and its fountains that you can pass at risk of getting sprayed by one of the jets, its figures with cows and horses in all its streets and the first cinemas with the latest technology delighted the people of Malaga.
Subsequently, a shopping area was incorporated, where you can find all the most important shops. Currently it is undergoing further expansion, with the construction of a new building next to the previous two.

Centro Comercial Rosaleda

This is also one of the first of Malaga’s shopping centres and, as in the case of Larios Centro, it suffered a few years of decline until large companies such as Decathlon, C&A and Merkal decided to locate their shops there. Currently, the number of establishments that open their doors here continues to increase, but if there is something that sets it apart from the rest, it is that it is home to the cheapest cinemas in Malaga and the only official Malaga Football Club shop.

Centro Comercial Alameda

This doesn't have a large leisure offer, since most of the surface is occupied by a Carrefour supermarket, but it has a large number of telephone franchises such as Yoigo, Vodafone, Orange and The Phone House, as well as a large display of things for the household in Malaga’s Muebles La Fábrica.

Centro Comercial Málaga Plaza

This is perhaps the smallest shopping centre in Malaga, but that does not mean that it is not one of the most visited, because it has Malaga’s only Fnac. In addition, on the ground floor you will find a fitness centre and various jewellery shops.

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Right next to it you will find El Corte Inglés, which has a seven-storey building dedicated to fashion, beauty and the other classic products typical of this establishment, as well as another dedicated exclusively to household items and stationery.


Centro Comercial Bahía Málaga

This is one of the most modern shopping centres in Malaga, but perhaps it cannot really be considered a shopping centre in itself, since in reality only has Hipercor and El Corte Inglés are found there, both stores from the same business group.


Centro Comercial los Patios

This is known by the people of Malaga as "Pryca Los Patios", since Pryca was the chain that occupied it from the mid-1970s and the expression remains, despite the fact that Pryca closed in 1998. In 2018 it underwent a complete renovation with the aim of positioning itself as a first rate shopping centre in Malaga and brands such as the German Deichmann have already opened one of their establishments here.

Retail parks in Malaga

Parque Comercial Málaga Nostrum

The difference between the retail parks and shopping centres in Malaga is that each of the shops are located in a building or in several separate buildings. This one in particular, has one main building where you will find the leisure area, with cinemas and restaurants, and many other separate buildings such as El Corte Inglés Outlet, Tienda Animal, and Sprinter, among others.


Parque Comercial Bahía Azul

Without a doubt, this is best known for Ikea, which has its headquarters here. In addition, you can also find a Worten, Maison Du Monde, Jysk and Conforama. A few months ago, a small train shuttle bus between this Retail Park and Plaza Mayor was opened.


Parque Comercial Muelle Uno

This retail park in Malaga comprises all those shops that are located in the area of Muelle Uno, whether large like Deichmann, or small shops selling luxury items. In addition, you will find a great variety of restaurants and terraces in which you can eat.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post about Malaga’s shopping centres. If you want to know more about other things to do in the city, don't miss the other interesting articles in our free Malaga guide.