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Malaga’s typical “fiestas”

The calendar of Malaga’s typical fiestas (feast days) is full of important and varied events which give the city huge diversity in the eyes of the tourist. Here at Niza Cars in this article we’re going to talk to you through some of these popular Malaga fiestas so that if you are thinking about visiting the city you will find out whether you can enjoy some of them.

Malaga’s most popular fiestas

Malaga Fair

Malaga Fair, is surely one of the most popular fiestas in Malaga (if not the most popular). It is usually held in the second half of August each year, starting with the reading of the proclamation on Malagueta beach followed by a firework display and musical performances. On that same Friday night, the lighting of the gateway to the Real de la Feria fairgrounds in Cortijo de Torres is also turned on.
For 9 days, the people of Malaga and visitors enjoy the fair in the city centre by day, and the fair in the Real fairgrounds both by day and by night.

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During Malaga Fair you can enjoy horseback riding, taste wines from Malaga and its most typical tapas, enjoy the popular folk traditions through the flamenco groups that sing verdiales on the city’s streets and enjoy performances of national artists in the night-time fair in the Real fairgrounds.


Malaga Carnival

Malaga’s Carnival, which has been celebrated since 1981, takes place every January or February in the Teatro Alameda and Teatro Cervantes. It lasts about 10 days approximately, and during this time musical groups compete leading up to the grand finale in the Teatro Cervantes, the proclamation, the procession, the grand parade and the burial of the anchovy.

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This typical Malaga fiesta revolves around the groups - the murgas and comparsas - who perform songs that criticize the social situation at that time. These criticisms are presented as comic songs in the case of the murgas, or more poetically in the case of the comparsas.


Easter Week

During Malaga’s Easter Week, the people of Malaga, along with the thousands of people who come to visit the city, gather in the streets and squares of the city.
All Malaga’s confraternities prepare amazing tronos (images on floats) which they carry through the streets of Malaga accompanied by musical bands that turn the event into something magical. But the people of Malaga receive some of the confraternities’ processions with greater passion than others. Among these are the Cofradía del Cautivo (Confraternity of the Captive), the Cofradía de la Expiración (Confraternity of the Expiry) and the Cofradía de la Congregación de Mena (Confraternity of the Congregation of Mena).

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La Navidad en Málaga

The city of Malaga has been chosen as one of the best tourist destinations for Christmas. More and more people come from out of town to stroll through its lighted streets at this time. What’s more, many people from Malaga are responsible for bringing a Christmas atmosphere of the city with shows, including performances of Christmas carols, brass bands, choirs, etc.

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One of the factors that has made Malaga so visited at Christmas is the famous dazzling lights on Calle Larios together with its musical show, which you will be able to enjoy every day at 3 different times. This is without doubt a typical festival of Malaga that should not be missed.


Noche de San Juan (St John’s Night)

The Noche de San Juan has turned into a festival that is enthusiastically celebrated by the people of Malaga. They gather on the beaches of the city every 23rd June to celebrate the shortest night of the year.
During this magical night, the people of Malaga eat espetos (sardine skewers), build barbecues and dance to celebrate the arrival of summer. And the most traditional aspect of this festival is to create the famous júas, or effigies made with old clothes and stuffed with sawdust and paper, which will be burned in bonfires that will be lit at midnight on the edge of the sea.

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Malaga’s Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales

If there is one thing that represents the popular folk traditions of Malaga, it is the verdiales (a type of flamenco song). Each 28th December, in the neighbourhood of Puerto de la Torre, a meeting of Pandas de Verdiales (verdiales groups) is held which is attended by groups from every corner of the province.
They share a day of songs and dances that has as its objective the recovery and dissemination of this cultural heritage that is so important in the province of Malaga.

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Malaga is its Fair, Easter, Christmas and Carnival; it is passion, tradition and celebration. If you get the chance to enjoy any of Malaga’s typical festivals, you won’t hesitate to repeat.