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Towns of Malaga

If you think Malaga is a perfect destination to enjoy the sun and its beaches, you’re not wrong at all. The province, however, is also an ideal place for rural tourism. You’ll find mountain and seaside towns in the province, where you can breathe in pure air and enjoy the friendliness of their people. The towns of Malaga you can visit are many and highly varied.
That’s why we at Niza Cars want to describe six especially enchanting and interesting Malaga towns you can visit if you’re travelling through the province.

Six especially enchanting Malaga towns


Ronda is located between the Grazalema and Nieves mountain ranges and many people consider it as one of Malaga’s most beautiful cities. A stroll through the town centre and the magnificent views from its many viewing points will enamour you of its many corners.

Ronda is divided by a gorge known as the Tajo. The older part of the city is on one side and the more modern part on the other. Both parts are connected by one of Spain’s most well known bridges, the Puente Nuevo.

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It is the city’s most emblematic symbol. The bridge has three stone arches standing at 98 metres high which took 42 years to build.

A stroll down from the Forestier Gardens to the Guadalevín River will give you the chance of appreciating the beauty of its natural surroundings and the colour of its waters.
If you walk around Ronda, you’ll see a large number of Muslim remains in its architecture and you’ll bump into the city’s most visited sites like the Mondragón Palace, which is today a municipal museum, and the bullring and its museum, which deals with its history.
It is also highly advisable to wander around the San Miguel neighbourhood, where the ancient Muslim medina is situated and where you’ll find Ronda’s Arab baths, Spain’s best-preserved thermal baths.



It is said that Antequera is a veritable museum. It has more than fifty religious buildings, including churches, chapels, convents, etc.

In this Malaga town, you can also visit the Torcal natural site, a limestone landscape measuring 1,171 hectares, which was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antequera has Europe’s largest set of dolmens with stones weighing up to 200 tonnes.

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A far as its gastronomy is concerned, the porra antequerana (a gazpacho-like soup) and the mollete de Antequera (a muffin-like bread) are well worth highlighting. These products are characteristic of the province’s typical flavours and are eaten in every corner of the province of Malaga.
Antequera is surrounded by olive groves, making it the world’s largest producer of table olives.
There is no doubt that it is an ideal town for hikers of all levels and lovers of the countryside and nature, since it is possible to find all kinds of footpaths to suit every taste.



Located in the easternmost part of the Costa del Sol, Nerja boasts magnificent coves and beaches. Some of them can be seen from the famous Balcony of Europe, situated in the very centre of town.

You can visit the Caves of Nerja, the fourth most visited natural monument in Spain, which contain the world’s largest stalactite. It is also highly advisable to walk along the Chillar River to enjoy nature in all its splendour or enjoy the sunset strolling along the cliffs above the beaches in Maro.
Another curiosity this town has to offer is the fact that it was where the famous Spanish TV series Verano Azul (Blue Summer) was filmed. So, if you’re a fan, don’t hesitate to wander along its streets and have a meal at one of its most famous beachside restaurants to relive your childhood memories.



The beautiful typical whitewashed town of Frigiliana is located 300 metres above Nerja in the Almijara mountains.
Strolling around the town is a pleasure for anybody’s eyes. The contrast between the whitewashed houses adorned with beautiful ceramics and earthenware pots and the colours of their doors is striking.

It perfectly represents the typical Andalusian village comprised of whitewashed houses, narrow streets and flowers placed on balconies. These villages are a hallmark of the province of Malaga.

Frigiliana is considered as one of Spain’s most beautiful towns and is certainly one the more photographed by tourists. Each corner is a potential postcard and a snapshot can be taken anywhere to capture its amazing mix of colours and cultures.

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The best craftsmen and artists get together in Frigiliana at the end of August to attend the Festival of Three Cultures, during which time street activities and shows of all kinds are held that hark back to the past.
Lastly, Europe’s only cane syrup factory is located in Frigiliana.



The town of Mijas is divided into three areas: Cala de Mijas, Las Lagunas and Mijas Pueblo. This makes it an ideal tourist destination, since you can enjoy the sun and its beaches in Cala de Mijas, as well as nature and the mountains in the Mijas Pueblo area.

It is yet another typical whitewashed Andalusian village festooned with flowers. The town’s History Museum is very interesting to visit, since it displays the oldest olive oil mills and period agricultural tools.
Strolling around Malaga and San Sebastian streets and visiting the Ceramics Museum, which contains works by Picasso, Dalí, etc., are also well worth doing.
The bullring in Mijas is one of the smallest bullrings in Spain and has a very peculiar shape. Its unusual oval shape makes it stand out in the world of bullfighting.



Low narrow streets of Muslim origin, glamour and parties all coexist in Marbella. Small shops owned by modest shopkeepers also coexist with hotel complexes and luxury developments, where many millionaires from all over the world live. You can stroll along the avenue beside the sea to view a Dalí exhibition with bronze statutes or along Marbella’s “Golden Mile”, where the city’s best hotels are located. The so-called Puerto Banús marina, where the world’s most expensive cars, yachts and shops are to be found, is also famous.

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Marbella is undoubtedly one of Malaga province’s most cosmopolitan towns and an ideal place for golf, leisure and luxury tourism.
If you’re thinking about visiting all these towns in Malaga, hiring a car and planning a route can be one of the best ways of doing it. You can hire a car in Malaga from Niza Cars in an easy, affordable way in less than a minute. And if you haven’t prepared your plan yet, have a look at our article on what to do in Malaga. We give you some advice there you shouldn’t miss.