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Additional features


Young driver

Young driver, under 25 years old or with a license of less than 3 years

Aditional driver

You authorize another person to drive the hired vehicle. The person’s name and driving licence number will be registered when you pick up your vehicle.

Driving abroad

Our rental services allow the driving of vehicles in national territories. If you wish to go abroad, you must consult with the Niza Cars team to give access to cross the borders.


Deliveries / returns after hours

> For all those returns that are outside office hours, there is the possibility of being able to deliver them outside the stipulated hours. To find out the availability of the service, please contact our teams.

Home delivery and collection.

> In these times where moving is complicated, we want mobility to reach you. For this reason, at Niza Cars we have created the delivery and collection service to any point, in order to guarantee safe and accessible mobility.

> To consult our prices, fill out the form, call us at our offices or write to

* Service valid in our offices in Barcelona and Malaga.

Traveling with children

Baby chair

> From birth to approximately 9 or 12 months
  • Adjustable five-point safety harness
  • Extra support to protect the fragility of newborns
  • Compatible with most Britax pushchairs that include the CLICK & GO ™ feature
  • Curved base so it can be balanced
  • Three-point seat belt installation
  • Three positions
  • Padded head support and integral cushion for a natural position while sleeping
  • Includes hood to protect from sun / wind
  • Padded belts in the chest area for greater comfort
  • Side impact protection with deeply padded side flaps

Child seat

> From approximately 9 months to 4 years
  • Adjustable five-point safety harness
  • A unique pitch control system reduces forward movement of the child in the seat
  • Multiple recline positions, which make it possible to adjust the chair without disturbing the child
  • Narrow base to better fit cars with deep shaped seats
  • Three-point or two-point seat belt installation
  • Side impact protection with deeply padded side flaps
  • High performance padded chest belts
  • Spring loaded belt adjustment mechanism for easy installation
  • Harness retainers make it easy to get your child in and out of the chair


> From approximately 4 years to 11 years
  • The child can sit with greater security and comfort
  • Must be used with a seat belt
  • It sits directly on a passenger seat
* Child seat lifts are available throughout continental Europe (except the UK)



> Map and route navigation system to facilitate driving.


> Mobile Wi-Fi service to have an internet connection at all times on all your trips.