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Cinemas in Malaga

There is a great offering of cinemas in Malaga because of their facilities, location, price or the kind of movies they screen. Some are very well known. Others, however, are virtually unknown and will delight cinema buffs. That’s why we’re informing you about all of Malaga’s cinemas, along with some tricks, advice and useful information about them. Keep on reading!

Cine Plaza Mayor Málaga - Yelmo

This was one of Malaga’s first modern cinemas. It is located in the Plaza Mayor shopping centre, where there are a large number of restaurants and leisure spaces you can enjoy before or after viewing a film.
In addition, it is the only cinema in Malaga which screens a large variety of undubbed films, including both commercial and independent movies. It is, however, one of the city’s most expensive cinemas. Tickets cost around €8. You can enjoy a movie for only €5 if you go before 5 o’clock or after 11 o’clock.
You can consult the films it’s screening at:


Cine Vialia Estación María Zambrano - Yelmo

This cinema belongs to the same business group. It is located in the Vialia Shopping Centre and has more than twenty screens and shows the latest releases. Moreover, it is one of the cinemas in Malaga which screen cycles on different genres, which can be enjoyed at a special price.
We recommend you buy tickets over the Internet, since there are usually long queues at the box office. Simply access their website, select the showing and your seats, pay and, once you’ve completed the purchase, you can download your tickets in PDF format, which you can show on your mobile phone when entering the cinema.
You can consult the films it’s screening at:


Cine Málaga Nostrum - Cinesur

Located in the Málaga Nostrum Shopping Centre, its offering isn’t as varied as that of the two cinemas mentioned above, though one of its advantages is that its tickets are usually cheaper, which cost around €6.50 every day of the week.
This cinema in Malaga has reduced-price tickets on Wednesdays, along with a loyalty card (called Tarjeta 5) which allows you to view films for €5 every day of the year.
You can consult the films it’s screening at:


Cine Rosaleda Málaga - Unión Cine Ciudad

This is the only vintage cinema left in Malaga. It screens commercial hits like the ones you can see in any other cinema. However, forget about having top-quality images and sound or not having anybody in front of you who doesn’t bother you because its facilities date back to the 1990s.

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The reason it still survives today are its really cheap ticket prices and popcorn. You can thus view a movie at any day of the week for only €5 and buy some popcorn from €3.90 to €5.50. Moreover, this Malaga cinema gifts you with a 2x1 coupon with your ticket for screenings from Monday to Thursday.
You can consult the films it’s screening at:


Cine Albéniz

Though this Malaga cinema also has outdated facilities, its survival resides in the fact that it focuses on screening auteur films, indie movies or other genres that are not intended for the more commercial market.
It is also one of the Malaga Cinema Festival’s most important venues and where most of the nominated films are screened.
You can consult the films it’s screening at:

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Other cinemas in Malaga province

Other cinemas you can find in the province of Malaga include:

  • Antequera
  • Cines La Verónica
  • Cala del Moral
  • Yelmo Cines Rincón de la Victoria
  • Fuengirola
  • Cinesur Miramar.
  • Multicines Alfil - Fuengirola
  • Marbella
  • Cinesa La Cañada 3D
  • Cinesur Plaza del Mar
  • Complejo Gran Marbella
  • Ronda
  • Multicines Ronda
  • Vélez
  • Cinesur El Ingenio
  • Coín
  • Cine Píxel Coín
  • Benalmádena
  • Cine Club Más Madera


Now that you know all about the cinemas in Malaga, choose the one that best suits your tastes, your area or your budget and go for it! If you want to know what to do after the film, don’t forget to read our article on shopping centres in Malaga, since most of the cinemas in Malaga are located in them.