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Malaga’s neighbourhoods

Malaga’s best neighbourhoods

Do you want to know which are the trendiest of Malaga’s neighbourhoods? Go to live concerts? See exhibitions by international artists? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the trendiest of Malaga’s neighbourhoods.
Some of Malaga’s neighbourhoods are becoming a point of tourist interest, both for the people of Malaga and for those who come to the city to explore it. Soho, Santa Paula and Pedregalejo are just some of Malaga’s neighbourhoods that are experiencing continuous growth and that we could say are in fashion in the city.
These traditional neighbourhoods have been transformed to create strategic points in the city, full of offers and events like night-time markets, monologues, exhibitions or roof-top terraces, all activities that are the order of the day in Malaga. These neighbourhoods also offer a great variety of restaurants, from gourmet burger joints, beach bars and haute cuisine, to food trucks.
Find out about which of Malaga’s neighbourhoods you simply must visit to find alternative events.


Three of the trendiest of Malaga’s neighbourhoods

Malaga’s pleasant climate, the pedestrian streets full of terraces, the attitude of the people of Malaga..., all this combines to make every corner of the city special. Each of Malaga’s neighbourhoods is unique and has something different that characterizes it. Do you want to know which are the trendiest of Malaga’s neighbourhoods?

Malaga’s central neighbourhoods: El Soho

Malaga’s Soho, better known as the "Barrio de las Artes” or Arts District, has in recent years become one of the most alternative neighbourhoods of the city. This is a cultural and commercial neighbourhood located in the centre of Malaga, which stands out for its large murals, the Fábrica de la Cerveza Cruzcampo (Cruzcampo craft brewery), the Museum of Contemporary Art (CAC, for its initials in Spanish) and the Alameda Theatre.

This is a neighbourhood where you can enjoy the best local cuisine, enjoy Malaga from the heights, visit an exhibition by the best international artists, see a play or contemplate the urban art that adorns its streets. Malaga’s Soho offers lots of activities and events to enjoy every day.



Malaga’s eastern neighbourhoods: Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo is one of the city's oldest and most traditional fishing neighbourhoods, which over the years has become one of the most acclaimed neighbourhoods of Malaga. In Pedregalejo the atmosphere is young and fun, full of bars and restaurants of different styles on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Pedregalejo neighbourhood is divided into two areas: the south, characterised by its low houses and narrow alleys giving onto El Pedregal's Paseo Marítimo (promenade), bordered by Baños del Carmen and El Palo; and the northern area, with quiet streets and historical buildings formerly used as summer residences by the bourgeoisie of Malaga.
Without a doubt, this is one of the favourites neighbourhoods of the natives of Malaga. Whether you want to sample the best sardine skewers in the city, have a drink by the sea or take a stroll, Pedregalejo is always the best option.



Malaga’s western neighbourhoods: Santa Paula (Carretera de Cádiz)

The neighbourhood of Santa Paula is part of the Carretera de Cádiz district and is one of the traditional neighbourhoods that has evolved over the years. Gardens, parks, restaurants, leisure areas and concert halls have turned it into one of Malaga’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Santa Paula offers a wide range of cultural activities every week, from concerts in La Cochera Cabaret to night markets and exhibitions in La Térmica (Malaga’s Civic Centre). And not forgetting the Parque del Oeste, one of the areas of Malaga that is a favourite with families. In addition, there are hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from, such as the La Calle Burger, PadThaiWok, Nómadas and 100 Montaditos that have recently opened new premises in the Santa Paula neighbourhood.



We hope you found this article about Malaga’s neighbourhoods useful. Remember that if you're passing through the city, we also offer ideas of what to do in Malaga that you should not miss.