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Six charming towns near Barcelona worth visiting

If you’re visiting the city and feel like getting away from the crowds in the centre for a while, you might be interested in driving out to these towns in Barcelona or spending a few days at a country house in the middle of the mountains.

It’s easy to find pretty towns in the mountains or on the coast in Barcelona province. In fact, there’s something for everyone! The variety of incredibly charming towns only a few kilometres from Barcelona is immense, and the experience you’ll have is truly unique.

Niza Cars has compiled this list of the six most charming towns in Barcelona.

Six charming towns in Barcelona

Rupit i Pruit

109 kilometres from Barcelona in the Osona region, the cobbled streets of this town will transport you back to the Middle Ages. Its peculiar church and castle are two essential sights when visiting this town.

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It’s also worth exploring the trail to the nearby Salto de Sallent waterfall, which can be quite spectacular when the river has enough water. This is the jewel of Osona and a town that is well worth visiting if you find yourself nearby. That’s why this charming town fills with tourists every Sunday.



Tavertet is another charming town in the Osona region. It sits atop a rocky crag next to a huge precipice that provides incredible views of the Sau Reservoir and the Montseny Natural Park.

Tavertet has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest because the town centre is home to almost 40 houses that were built between the 17th and 18th centuries. Furthermore, it has other Romanesque monuments that include the San Cristòfol Church, the Sant Corneli Chapel and the Sant Bartolomeu Sesgorgues prehistoric settlement.

The location of this town in Barcelona means you can enjoy several walking trails, hot air balloon flights, walks to discover the local plant life and rock climbing.



Sitges is 42 kilometres from Barcelona and is one of the prettiest coastal towns with the best connections to the regional capital.

It used to be a fishing village with important modernist heritage, although today it is a town that hosts numerous cultural events and boasts quite a lively atmosphere.

It also has some lovely urban beaches, such as the Playa de San Sebastián, which is flanked by a famous seafront promenade and dominated by the Sant Bartolomé Church, the town’s most iconic monument.

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The Sitges Carnival and the Sitges Film Festival have brought the town nationwide recognition.



Although this town close to Barcelona cannot easily be reached by public transport, it is well worth finding another way to get here, such as by renting a car.

This gorgeous town in Barcelona is off the beaten track and located in the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park. A visit here is like going back in time because it also has cobbled streets that will transport you to Mediaeval times.

Its old town has been very well preserved and the varying heights of the land on which it was built provide some incredible views of the town from several different perspectives.


Caldes de Montbui

If you’re looking for a town in Barcelona province in which to relax, this is the perfect place for you.

This is a “hot” spa town, as the name ‘Caldes’ might suggest. The waters running beneath this town can reach up to 70 degrees centigrade. That is clearly what led the Romans to build their spas here, and they can still be visited today.

To enjoy the thermal baths, you should consider booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Here is a link!.

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Among the pretty towns in Barcelona, Cardona stands out as having the largest Mediaeval fortification in Catalonia atop the hill in the town.

This castle in Barcelona province has Romanesque and Gothic elements, and today houses a Parador hotel full of history where staying the night can be quite the adventure.

The wealth of architecture and excellent cuisine to be found in this picturesque location is a break from the big city and undoubtedly a very good way to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover more about the rich history of this famous province.


We hope this article has given you food for thought about perhaps enjoying a getaway to one or more of these charming towns near Barcelona.

If you want to see everything but only have a short time to visit the city, we recommend taking a look at our guide on what to see in Barcelona so you can make the most of your stay in Barcelona province.