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Towns in Barcelona

If you're visiting the city and you want to escape the crowds and the centre, you can drive through the towns of Barcelona or spend a few days in a rural house in the middle of the mountains.
In the province of Barcelona it is possible to find coastal and mountain towns, there is something for everyone! The variety of towns with great charm to the vicinity of the great metropolis is immense and the experience unique.

Here at Niza Cars we've compiled a list of the 6 most charming towns of Barcelona.

6 Charming towns in Barcelona

Rupit i pruit

Just 109 km from Barcelona and located in the region of Osona is this town that transports you straight back to the Middle Ages with its cobbled streets and its peculiar church and castle that you simply must visit if you pass by here. It is also worth hiking the path up to the nearby waterfall, Salto de Sallent, which can be spectacular when it has sufficient water.

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This is the jewel of the region of Osona and a town that is well worth a visit if you are in the city, since it is located close by, which is why it is packed with tourists every Sunday.


This is another town in the region of Osona that lies on top of a rocky ridge next to a precipice that offers views of the Sau Reservoir and the mountains of Montseny.

Travertet was declared a Site of Cultural Interest because its old quarter retains almost forty houses built between the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition, it has other Romanesque monuments such as the Church of Sant Cristòfol, the hermitage of Sant Corneli and the prehistoric settlement of Sant Bartomeu Sesgorgues.

The location of this town in Barcelona means it offers numerous hiking trails, as well as hot air balloon flights, ethno-botanical walks and rock climbing.



This town is located 42 kilometres from the city and can be accessed using the local train network. It is considered one of Barcelona’s most beautiful towns.

In the past it was a fishing village with an important modernist heritage, although now it is a very lively town offering a multitude of cultural events. It also has very nice urban beaches like Playa de San Sebastián, and its promenade is dominated by the Church of Sant Bartolomé, an important monument in the town.

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Sitges Carnival and the film festival held there give it an important role at the national level.



Although this town is not easily accessible by public transport, it is worth finding another means by which to visit, such as hiring a car.

This beautiful town in Barcelona is away from the most visited tourist routes, located in the middle of the natural park of Sant Llorenc del Munt i l'Obac. If you visit, it will feel like time has stopped as it also boasts cobbled streets that will take you back to the medieval period.

The old town is very well maintained and the varying height of the land on which the village lies gives you views of the village from numerous perspectives.


Caldes de Montbui

If you are looking for a town in Barcelona in which to relax, this is one of the most suitable for that purpose.
As its name suggests, the town features hot springs. The waters that run beneath the soil of this town reach 70 degrees, and this would be what gave rise to the Roman baths that can still be visited today.

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Of the beautiful towns in Barcelona, Cardona stands out due to the view of the largest medieval fortification in Catalonia on top of the town’s hill. This castle has Romanesque and Gothic elements, and today it houses a parador (state hotel) steeped in history where staying the night feels like a real adventure.
The wealth of architecture and great cuisine that can be found in these picturesque places differs from the big city, and this is certainly a very good way to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn more about the rich history of this famous province.


If you have decided to arrange a getaway to one of these towns in Barcelona, but you have little time to visit the city, we recommend taking a look at our guide covering what to see in Barcelona.


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