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Beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with many tourist attractions, and clearly one of these is its urban beaches. The beaches of Barcelona are well communicated, well maintained and equipped with all services. In addition, a promenade extends all along the Barcelona coastline that connects almost all of them.

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The beaches of Barcelona province have always been a little overshadowed by the spectacular beaches of the Costa Brava, but that doesn't mean that there aren’t some that are their equal in every way.

Here at Niza Cars, we want to talk to you about 7 of the best beaches in Barcelona that you should not miss if you visit the capital of this Catalan province.

The 7 best beaches in Barcelona

Playa de la Barceloneta

One of the oldest and largest beaches in Barcelona is the Playa de la Barceloneta. It is also one of the favourites of tourists thanks to its central location and its easy access by public transport.
The atmosphere is always very lively, it has many deluxe beach bars and exclusive hotels, in addition to an endless promenade. This beach has extensive sports and leisure facilities with various volleyball courts, playgrounds, fitness area, ping-pong table and even a beach library service.

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Playa Mar bella Barcelona

The Mar Bella beach in Barcelona was built during the urban remodelling that took place on the occasion of the 1992 Olympic Games.
It is normally frequented by a young public, and it has a space dedicated to naturists. It is a meeting point for a cosmopolitan and diverse public, of people into sport and university students.

Like the previous beach, it also has sports facilities such as volleyball courts and a ping-pong table. It also has a children's play area and beach library. At this beach there is a nautical area offering water activities such as sail boat trips by the seafront, kayaking along the coastline, etc.


Playa Llevant Barcelona

The Playa Llevant in Barcelona is one of the most recent beaches, and was added to the coastline in 2006. If you want a more tranquil atmosphere, this is located further away from the centre of the city than the previous ones, so here you will find fewer crowds of people.

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In addition, for several summers Barcelona City Council has designated part of this beach as suitable for visitors with dogs. Its fine sand is perfect for spending a day on the beach relaxing with your pet.


Playa Sant Sebastià

This is located in Sitges, one of the most charming towns in Catalonia, which is why it has been attracting tourists, artists and lovers of bohemian life in general for more than a century.

As is the case with the Playa de la Barceloneta, this is one of the largest and oldest of the beaches in Barcelona. In addition, some of the most important sports clubs in Barcelona are found here.

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It also has spaces dedicated to nudism, so it is usually frequented by older people. It also has an area for disabled visitors where volunteers provide support so that everyone can enjoy the sea.


Playa Ribes Roges de Barcelona

The Playa de Ribes Roges de Barcelona is located in Vilanova i la Geltrú and is slightly quieter than the rest of the beaches of Vilanova.
It is more than a kilometre wide, and what stands out the most about this beach in Barcelona is its flat shore, clear and free of steps, perfect for long walks. In addition, it has quiet restaurants right next to the beach where you can have a drink and enjoy the sunset.


Playa de las Casetas del Garraf

This beach in Barcelona is characterized by the white and green buildings that were used by fishermen in the past to store their tools, and which have now become homes right on the beach.
It features a hotel-bar on the sand and a good restaurant with several terraces on the rocks where you can enjoy a meal with unbeatable views. This is also a perfect place in the winter season, since it is possible to enjoy an excellent culinary experience accompanied by the sea breeze.

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Playa de Castelldefels

The Playa de Castelldefels is one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona, due to its closeness to the city and its good quality.
It has an extensive surface of 5 km of sand, so it is never difficult to find a spot to put your towel, and the sea is not very deep, so families often choose to go to this beach during the summer. On the beach there are numerous bars with reasonable prices and which at night become clubs, ensuring a great atmosphere at this beach.

If in addition to finding out about the best beaches in Barcelona, you are also interested in finding out what to see in Barcelona, remember to take a look at our guide, where we offer the information you need free of charge.