15 fun facts about Málaga you might not know

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Málaga is a city in southern Spain that enjoys a myriad of fun and fascinating facts. Niza Cars has prepared for you a list of 15 fun facts about the Costa del Sol capital.

Málaga is a city in southern Spain that enjoys a myriad of fun and fascinating facts. That is why we strongly recommend you to explore every nook and cranny of this region.

Many elements give this rather cosmopolitan corner of Spain its true Andalusian character, such as flamenco and the popular tapas bars.

If you’re curious about the Costa del Sol capital, then keep reading!

1. Every year the city celebrates its patron saint with a huge festival

People dressed in traditional clothing parade through the main streets kicking balloons filled with water.

2. El Caminito del Rey used to be a daily route for many workers

Check out our blog for an article where we talk about the spectacular Caminito del Rey. What we didn’t mention was that this walkway provided access to El Chorro Hydroelectric Power Station and every day the workers risked their lives walking across this astonishing feat of engineering.

Caminito del Rey

3. Málaga boasts more than 50 eclectic attractions

We know for a fact that when it comes to things to see and do in Málaga, the options are infinite. If you’re coming on holidays to the capital, boredom won’t be an option. If you want to see everything, then make sure to plan your itinerary well.

4. Ordering a coffee in Málaga is a unique experience

Coffee in Málaga is a world of its own since it comes with rather peculiar names, such as largo, sombra, mitad, sombra and nube, just to name a few. For instance, coffee with frothy milk goes by the name of nube (literally, “cloud”) and that’s just one coffee quirk of many. Make sure to ask for a translation before you order!


5. Málaga has a tourist map to make sure you don’t miss anything

Málaga created its very first tourist map some months ago to help the visitors find their way around this stunning city. It aims to provide a trouble-free means of exploring all of Malaga’s attractions without getting lost, physically or in translation. Download it here.

6. The ashtray is one of the symbols of Málaga

The cenacheros, a now-defunct trade, were fishermen who rambled around the streets of Málaga, selling fresh produce from the bay. If this trade ever made a comeback, it would certainly be a sight and a half!


7. Málaga boasts some 5 Michelin star restaurants

Málaga province is synonymous with excellent food. Four restaurants have been awarded 5 Michelin stars, namely Puente Romano Hotel restaurant in Marbella, El Lago, TORO Muelle Uno and Skina in Marbella.

8. Larios is the busiest shopping centre in the city

It’s also one of the oldest ones and although it fell into decline for a few years, nowadays it’s always bustling with people. You can spend the whole day roaming around its numerous shops and restaurants.

9. El Pimpi was the first music venue on the Costa del Sol

It has since become a restaurant that offers the finest local delicacies, such as ensalada malagueña (cod and potato salad), el ajoblanco (a traditional cold soup) or Málaga-style olives. If you want to know more about Málaga cuisine, check out our blog post.

10. Málaga enjoys 37 museums for all tastes

Málaga is the perfect destination for all art and culture enthusiasts. There’re museums of all sorts and for virtually every taste. At Niza Cars, we want to make sure you don’t miss anything so check out our article on the most essential museums in Málaga.

11. Málaga is a Guinness record holder

Málaga holds a Guinness record in the flamenco category. Who would’ve guessed? In 2018, a total of 3,920 people gathered on Calle Larios to dance flamenco. As they say, dancing brings people together.


12. Málaga is home to the only lighthouse on the peninsula with a female name

The 200-year-old La Farola on the Costa del Sol, along with Farola del Mar in Tenerife, are the only lighthouses in Spain that bear a female name.

13. A prisoner is released during the Easter week

Every Easter week, Jesús 'El Rico' brotherhood is given permission to release a prisoner and Málaga has already upheld this historical tradition for over 273 years.

14. You can’t leave Málaga without trying Las Locas

Las Locas pastries embody the identity of this region: they’re simple, unique and above all authentic. This sweet treat was brought about by a female baker and a former football player from Málaga. Their love brought joy to everyone in the region!

15. The clocks in Málaga never strike 60 seconds

And last but not the least, the time in Málaga is measured just as it was done back in the day in the British railways. The second hand only hits 59 seconds and stops until the minute hand hits the missing second.

Málaga is a destination that attracts travellers, businessmen and tourists alike. It’s among the most stunning cities in Spain and its rich cultural heritage is reflected in the beauty of its landscapes and sights.

Nonetheless, as you might have just seen, many things make Málaga truly one of a kind. Would you agree?