The best parts of Barcelona for a night out on the town

Vila Olímpica
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Discover the nightlife in Barcelona. Bars, nightclubs and other places for a night out on the town and a good time in the Catalan capital.

Barcelona is one of the most open and cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Its great atmosphere after dark and the numerous areas for a night out on the town make Barcelona a favourite choice among tourists looking for a good time.

At Niza Cars, we have prepared a short guide to tell you about the best areas and nightclubs for a night out on the town in Barcelona.

The best parts of Barcelona for a night out on the town

Vila Olímpica

The Vila Olímpica in Barcelona is where you will find the most tourists looking for a good night out. The seafront promenade is home to the most famous nightclubs in Barcelona, such as Opium, Pacha and Shoko. Offering beachside terraces, these nightclubs are the most popular among tourists and young locals.

Besides operating as nightclubs after dark, they also offer restaurant and bar services during the day, making this one of the places with the best atmosphere in Barcelona.


This is the most exclusive area for a night out in Barcelona. Located near the Diagonal in the so-called upper Barcelona area of the city, you can find plenty of nightclubs and bars here.

Known in the Barcelona nightlife for their elegance and exclusivity, the Bling Bling, Sutton, Soho and Costa Breve nightclubs are often the busiest in this part of town. Their excellent central location and great public transport connections mean that these nightclubs are always full of young people looking for a good time.


The Montjuic mountain is one of the most curious parts of Barcelona. This is where you will find the famous Pueblo Español, a historic area that exudes Spanish character and lifestyle to offer cultural and entertainment experiences to visitors. This part of Barcelona is the venue for major festivals, concerts and special events, for enjoying a good time and for going out in the city.


With a much more alternative atmosphere than the other areas, the Poblenou district is home to several famous venues in the Barcelona nightlife.

Razmatazz is the most famous nightclub in this district and a major benchmark because its rooms have played host to leading bands and artists of all genres. However, you will find more bars than anything else in this district. Ovella Negra is particularly famous for being a beer tavern that was built inside an old factory.

If you’re looking for a more alternative vibe with less commercial music, the Poblenou district is a great option for a night out in Barcelona.

Ciutat Vella

The old town of Barcelona is one of the areas with the most bars and places to have a drink. These places are very different to those you might find in Vila Olímpica or upper Barcelona as they offer a variety of musical styles and a range of different pubs.
Las Ramblas, the Gothic District and El Raval offer countless venues with a wide range of musical styles, while Plaça Reial is home to the largest nightclubs, such as Jamboree.


This is the largest part of Barcelona for a night out because it encompasses several districts. We recommend this area if you’re looking to avoid the traditional nightclub scene because Eixample is home to more bars and pubs than anything else.
If you want a slightly more chilled out evening, this might be the place for you.

The city of Barcelona has a wide range of nightclubs, bars, musical styles and even prices. The Catalan capital is always a good choice if you want a visually stunning but also fun holiday at the same time.

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