Malaga: what to do, see and visit

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The warmth of its people, its art and its fusion of Andalusian culture and Arab remnants make Malaga an essential destination for all types of travelers. Malaga is art, it is grace and it is cultural wealth. The place where to lose yourself and where to reconnect with your deep self. It is loud and calm, sea and mountains. Malaga, in short, is unique and only those who have lived it can understand it. Join us and we will show you what to see in Malaga.

Landmarks you must see in Malaga

Living trace of its past, Malaga is a storyteller. A walk through the city seems to be plunged into a time machine. Around, memories of past times mixed with the affection and grace of the people of Malaga and the colors and flavors of the local gastronomy. Creativity abounds and gleams around the corners. It is not surprising that some of the most prestigious artists have grown up in its streets, such as Picasso or Antonio Banderas.

The Alcazaba of Malaga

Al-Ándalus marked the architectural style of southern Spain, its culture and its forms, and it can still be seen in such emblematic monuments as this defensive fortress built in the 11th century. Although many tourists travel to Malaga in search of sea and beach, the walls of the Alcazaba conduct those who follow them to the top of Mount Gibralfaro, where they can find one of the best views of Malaga.

Malaga Cathedral

Representing the cultural fusion of Malaga, the Cathedral Basilica of the Incarnation is much more than one of the most outstanding monuments of the city, it is also one of the most valuable Renaissance monuments in Spain. Built between 1528 and 1782, the Cathedral combines an artistic mix of different styles, from the Gothic to the Renaissance. The highlight is its main Baroque portal and its two towers. One of them, the south tower, is unfinished and is popularly known as “La Manquita” (the little one-armed).

Roman theatre

The journey back in time entails an obligatory stop at the mythical “La Alcazabilla” street, from where you can appreciate the Roman passage through the area. The Roman Theater was discovered very recently, in 1951, and it is only since 2005 that these iconic views of the city can be appreciated. Who knows the secrets that Malaga will still hide.

What to do in Malaga and when to visit it

Any time is good to enjoy Malaga: either in spring to appreciate its streets full of flowers, in summer to bathe on its beaches, in autumn to avoid summer high temperatures or in winter to escape the cold of other places. However, nothing better than visiting Malaga in the middle of the Feria or festive periods such as Christmas or Easter.

The “Feria de Málaga” (Patronal Feast) is one of the most popular festivals in Spain. It is celebrated in August and extends throughout the city. The day fair is held in the center of the city and at night you usually go to the Real de la Feria in the Cortijo de Torres, where you can enjoy the amusement park and the traditional Andalusian music and dance.

What to visit on the province of Malaga

Although those who get lost in the urban life of Malaga fall for its delights, the province holds treasures that should not go unnoticed. From the Costa del Sol, where you can enjoy the beach and fried fish, to the romantic inland towns, where you can walk between white streets and mountain routes: Malaga surprises and amazes.

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One of the most iconic postcards of Spain, Ronda is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Divided by the Tagus River, it has one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the province. It is especially known for the New Bridge, 98 meters high, which connects the modern part of the city and its historic center.


On the border of the province with Granada, Nerja is one of the towns that is most worth visiting in Malaga. Nerja offers a mix of natural coves, archaeological remains and popular culture. From the top of the famous platform known as the Balcón de Europa you can see the cliffs on the beaches of Maro and its paradisiacal water coves. In addition, a bit away from the town is the Nerja’s Cave, which contains the largest stalactite in the world.


A fairytale village in the heart of the Sierra de Almijara, very close to Nerja. Frigiliana is a small town built in height, through which you can stroll through its white streets, full of flowerpots with flowers and blue details. It is a paradise for the eyes where you can find the most typical streets of Malaga and where any corner can serve as a photographic studio. It is not surprising, since its portals, its views of the sea and its stairs make it one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.