How to have the best time on a scooter in Barcelona

31/01/2023 | Category:

Barcelona is amongst the European cities with the strongest two-wheeled vehicle culture and this is reflected in the large number of motorbikes and mopeds on the streets. It’s thus no wonder that the city is perfectly adapted to getting around on a scooter.

1. Explore Montjuïc and experience the finest views over the city

The views from the Montjuïc hill are second to none. Subjectively speaking, idyllic and simply the very best. The road that leads to it is wide and easily reachable. Moreover, this place has been attracting motorcycle enthusiasts since 1955 as it used to host the famous “24 Hours of Montjuïc” endurance race. Once there, make sure to explore the Montjuïc castle walls and wander around the gardens and green areas in the area.

H2: 2. Take a ride down the shore

Barcelona stretches all the way from Llobregat to Besós. To get around Barcelona on a scooter, we recommend to begin your trip in the area closest to Llobregat and reach the Ronda Litoral as your end destination. You will enjoy some exquisite scenery as you pass through Plaza de las Drassanes and along Paseo Colón, Paseo Joan de Borbó and Paseo Marítimo.

This scooter route is perfect for those visiting Barcelona for the first time or who don't know the city well. On top of that, finding a scooter parking space is really easy, so you can make as many stops as you wish along the way!

H2: 3. Reach the top of the Carmel Bunkers.

The Carmel bunkers viewpoint offers a full panoramic view over Barcelona. Located at the top of the Turó de la Rovira in the Carmel district, it is easily reachable by scooter. This spot is open 24 hours and has quite an ambience so grab some popcorn, good company and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

H2: 4. Visit Collserola and the Tibidabo amusement park

At 512 metres tall, Tibidabo is the highest peak of the Collserola mountain range. Its spectacular views and natural spaces make it the perfect spot to visit on a scooter. You may also park your scooter and enjoy the amusement park located on the peak of the hill. And top off your day with a chocolate crepe and a ride on the Ferris wheel!

H2: 5. See all the Barcelona landmarks in just one day

Barcelona boasts a myriad of sights and secret spots scattered all over the city. Make the most out of your scooter and reach all the places you want to visit in no time. What's more, all eyes will be on you and your legendary Vespa Primavera 125.


As you can see, there are many ways to have a great time in Barcelona on a scooter. With all the freedom and flexibility it offers you, you will be left craving more. And with Vespa Primavera 125, you can enjoy this dream trip and escape reality with plenty of flair 🤗

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