Four Excursions near Barcelona

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Discover four excursions to be enjoyed by car from Barcelona. Unmissable beaches, mountains and towns in Catalonia.

Barcelona is a city of infinite possibilities and its privileged location makes it a perfect city to visit at any time of the year. The Catalan capital offers the sea, mountains, monuments, museums, good gastronomy... and countless other attractions that make Barcelona a very special city.

There is much to do in Barcelona and you could surely spend weeks here without getting bored. However, sticking to the city itself might mean you miss out on some of the genuine gems dotted around the wider region of Catalonia. The city is only a few kilometres away from other tourist attractions where you can enjoy a day trip to the beach, mountains or some other very charming towns and cities.

Niza Cars has drawn up a list of four excursions from Barcelona that will help you round off your trip.

Four Excursions near Barcelona. Discover unique places in Catalonia by car.


Drive one hour from the city and you will find the most iconic mountain in Barcelona. The legendary Montserrat is a rocky mountain range that looks like it has been cut with a saw. The charismatic shape of Montserrat means that many tourists decide to go and take a look, making it one of the most important tourist attractions in Catalonia.

The Santa María de Montserrat Monastery can also be found in Montserrat, a place of worship and pilgrimage for the faithful. This building houses “La Moreneta”, Virgin of Montserrat and one of the patron saints of Barcelona and Catalonia.

Visiting Montserrat is one of the most highly recommended excursions to be enjoyed from Barcelona. Not only can you visit the monastery but you can also admire one of the best views in Catalonia. From the Sant Jeroni vista point on one of the peaks of the mountain, visitors can enjoy some incredible views of the Barcelona area.

There is no question that visiting Montserrat is one of the best excursions in Catalonia, on which you can also visit a sacred location in unique natural surroundings.


The province of Girona is one of the parts of Catalonia with the most excursions; from visiting the Costa Brava to strolling around mediaeval towns.

Visiting the provincial capital is a must. This Catalan city has one of the prettiest cathedrals in Spain, built in the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The cathedral is surrounded by walls forming an area known as Força Vella, which was built by the Romans.

Girona is also home to an essential location for any Game of Thrones fan. Several episodes of this famous series were shot on its streets and in its cathedral. The charm and historic mediaeval streets certainly give this city a rather special atmosphere.

The city also has some lovely hidden corners, including the colourful houses over the river Onyar, a sight that evokes images of the Italian city of Florence.

Visiting Girona during your time in Barcelona is one of the prettiest excursions you can enjoy. You won’t be disappointed!

La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone

The Garrotxa region of Catalonia is home to one of the largest volcanic zones in Europe and the largest on the Iberian Peninsula. Although there have been no eruptions here for thousands of years, the cones and natural environment offer a visually stunning spectacle to visitors.

With over 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows, this is a very special place for anyone who enjoys an excursion in nature.

Besides the volcanic zone, you might also like to visit the Fageda d’en Jordà, an incredible beech forest where you can enjoy hiking or ride in a horse and carriage.

This excursion from Barcelona is highly recommendable in autumn, when the forests can be seen in all their colourful splendour.

The Ebro Delta

In southern Catalonia can be found the Ebro Delta Natural Park, one of the most special places to enjoy nature tourism if you come to Barcelona. This area is home to the mouth of the river Ebro, which has created some rather peculiar natural surroundings that are different to anything you can see in Barcelona.

Because this is a wetland area, its fields are generally used for growing rice. You will also find hundreds of different bird species throughout the Natural Park, including flamingos.

It is one of the most interesting regions for an excursion in Catalonia as it includes beaches, coastal towns, flora and fauna. You can enjoy a boat trip around the mouth of the river Ebro, ride a bike along the almost infinite tracks through rice fields or try to find the charismatic Delta flamingos.

Furthermore, the gastronomy here is synonymous with excellence. The restaurants offer all sorts of rice and seafood dishes with ingredients grown and caught locally.

For all these reasons, enjoying an excursion from Barcelona to the Ebro Delta can be a highly enriching experience.

Barcelona and Catalonia have a huge variety of gorgeous places worth visiting. If you didn’t see these places the first time you came, you can always come back and enjoy these excursions from Barcelona. If, on the other hand, you just want to discover the city, Niza Cars can tell you what to see in Barcelona and how to make sure you see everything the city has to offer by booking a car for your holiday.