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08 04 2019

Transportation in Malaga

In the case of a medium-sized city within Spain, transportation in Malaga is quite broad and efficient.  While some parts of the city are not well connected, it is generally easy to access any ...

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25 03 2019

From Malaga to Nerja

Travelling from Malaga to Nerja is relatively easy. In this article, we want to show you the options you have to choose the best route. The town of Nerja is one of the most visited destinations in southern Spain ...

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12 03 2019

Barcelona Airport shopping

Barcelona Airport is one of the busiest in the country and, if by any chance, you want to make your last purchases before returning home, Barcelona Airport stores are like a big shopping centre that is worth a walk ...

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05 03 2019

Estadio La Rosaleda

Officially inaugurated in 1941, Estadio La Rosaleda is the official soccer field where Málaga Football Club matches are played.  Built after flooding the old stadium of Baños del Carmen, the ...

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12 02 2019

Cheapest destinations in Andalusia

The south of Spain is one of the cheapest places in Spain to live and travel and there are many cheap destinations in Andalusia where you can enjoy those long-awaited vacations. Next, we will show you the cheapest towns ...

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